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CD - Lucky 13 - Hot Rod Racin' Mama

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Track Listing:She's Mine ~ Purple Flames & The Lost Thirteen ~ In The Mood For You ~ Alone ~ Take A Little Ride With Me ~ Get Sick ~ Too Much Trouble ~ Honey Moon ~ Hot Rod Racin' Mama ~ Tell Me ~ Liar ~ Sad Song. + Bonus Video Track: In The Bar.

Lucky 13 Have Been Rockin' American And European Audiences For The Last Few Years, Including An Appearance The Viva Las Vegas Festival, And Have Picked Up Rave Reviews And An Enthusiastic Band Of Follows Along The Way. They Follow Their Debut Release, The Mini-Album 'Visitors From Hail Bop', With This Full-Length Outing, Which Includes A Bonus Video Track. Lucky 13 Play Pounding All-Out Guitar Driven Rock 'N' Roll Mixed With Darker, Haunting Compositions. The Contrast In Their Material Is, Infact, Very Representative Of The Band Itself. Guitarist Eddie Looks Mean & Moody, Like Something From A 50s Street Gang, Whilst Ani Romance - Tall, Blonde, Sultry And Undeniable Sexy Rips Out Some Hot Bass-Lines. Eddie & Ani Share The Vocals - Adding Yet More Contrasts In The Bands Sound.

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