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CD - Kick'em Jenny - Untamed

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Compact Disc - Digipack + 8 pages colour booklet + video clip.

After her hit "Stressed Up" from the sampler "Lake Rattle & Roll, vol. 1" many have asked for a full studio album of Kick'em Jenny. So here it is at last!
Three years after the "Stressed Up" session, we managed to get the explosive blonde back a second time in the studio together with quality musicians to complete this CD, which include 5 of Jenny's own compositions.

Kick'em Jenny is no doubt the wildest female singer out there and none of that craziness is missing from these recordings, although they include two more softer songs. Take a look at the picture on the cover and check out the video clip ….and you'll know what we mean!


1. Stressed Up
2. Take Me Down
3. Don't Bug Me Baby
4. Maybe You Don't Care
5. The Slide
6. Rockin' Machine
7. I've Got Love If You Want It
8. There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight
9. Untamed
10. Raw Deal
11. I've Done My Time
12. I Ain't Gonna Be Around
13. I Can't Do Without You
14. Pink Elephants

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