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CD - Frantic Flintstones - Freaked Out & Psyched Out

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"Freaked Out & Psyched Out"
Psychobilly bands from the eighties are a breed apart, and Frantic Flintstones are truly one of a kind. 
Following the Bedrock blitz on the heels of Drunkabilly release "Psycho Samba My Way", Brit-born frontman 
Chuck Harvey said bye bye Brazil and moved back to Germany. The current Frantic four reside in Berlin, with Dan (Heartbreak Engines, The Sewer Rats) on guitar 
and Brun (Blue Rockin) on drums, while Puck (Barnyard Ballers) returned on slap bass. 
This crack unit created "Freaked Out & Psyched Out", which resonates the tone from the FF classics on Nervous and Link Records. 
The bulk of the music was recorded live in the Wild At Heart Studio, delivering a pure sound for rock & roll from the gut and 
some Schwanz in Dixie. Crank it up to celebrate a dozen brand spanking new Frantic hits, as El Cha Cha Chuckers goes muh-mental 
in drug-provoking lyrics. For needle freaks the album is also available on vinyl, adorned with splendid Flintstones cover art. Big shots

Songs CD/LP:

- Rock ?n?Roll Zombie
-Banned From The Koti
-Chasin?Da Dragon
-My Gal Is Epileptic
-Smokin Meth
-Room 404
-Please Gimme Da Drugs

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