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CD - Clint Bradley - Riding After Midnight

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New solo album by Clint Bradley available on CD and LP in May 2014

Every singer, songwriter or musician has a seminal moment at some time in their lives. You hear or see something that makes you want to pick up an instrument and play. For Clint Bradley it was hearing Marty Robbins sing his gun fighter ballads and being totally captivated by the sound of his voice, the melody of the music and the vivid stories of the songs. He then discovered the Sons Of The Pioneers and onward into the whole wonderful soundscape of Western music, which inspired him at very early age to pick up a guitar and sing along.

Recording his new solo album Riding After Midnight has been a dream come true for Clint. He wanted to record it with the soul deep at the centre of all that he loves about Western music and its values but also bring a little of his own identity to the album, as those who have gone before have done. From a production point of view the recording process was kept pure and acoustic, the emphasis being on soul and performance with a great deal of passion.
Clint Bradley is known to the rockabilly world as the outstanding voice of the legendary British neo-rockabilly outfit The Blue Cats. Beside that he is also an acclaimed and established solo artist and songwriter in his own right.

CD BLR 33171 2 6418594317123 super jewel case, 16-page booklet
limited 12” vinyl LP BLR 33171 1 6418594317116 picture sleeve with printed inner bag

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