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CD - Cherry Casino And The Gamblers - Fat Mama's Daughter

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Ein Geheimfavorit wird zum Headliner - so ungefähr könnte man das Berliner Jump Blues Quintett umschreiben. Und hier ist die BAAAAAAAAAAAND: CHERRY CASINO and the GAMBLERS

Axel Praefcke - voc/leadgtr
Ike Stoye - tenor saxophone
Erik Graffunder- bass
Humpty Kirscht - gtr
Torsten Peukert - drums 

The Band was put together in spring 2001 as a backing band for american singer/50´s recording artist Rayburn Anthony (SUN Records "St. Louis Blues"). 

Axel Praefcke and Ike Stoye soon found the right guys to make this project happen. With Michael "Humpty" Kirscht on second lead-guitar, "Lucky" Lehmann on stand-up bass and Torsten "Bam-Boom" Peukert on drums they would try to get it goin. Just a few days before the tour the whole thing was cancelled and there stood a well-rehearsed band with nothing to do..."We didn´t wanna leave it this way after all the practising and the countless hours of rehearsing" sayes Ike "and somehow everything we played sounded kinda good!" Good ol´ Rayburn wasn´t there so we changed our set and did some new material instead. We tried that early R&B thing and BANG! there we were!

HERE COMES CHERRY! Cherry Casino and the Gamblers made their first public appeareance in august 2002 on the famous „Brandenburg- Weekender“ in Werder/Berlin and went down very well.The Boys have built up a huge following of fans, all over Europe. Constant touring, and their dynamic live stage show has won Cherry Casino a huge legion of devoted fans. Five funny faces break the ice in less than a second every time they appear with their well blended mix of early R&B and furious Rock and Roll !2005 continued in the same vain with one little difference...After all the live shows they were preparing themselves to cut their first album. It was released in February 2006 on RHYTHMBOMB RECORDS...HERE`S WHAT CHERRY LIKES ... The band playes classic 1950´s Rhythm and Blues and Rock and Roll with catchy lyrics and hard driving guitar/sax lead breaks and is trying to come as close as possible to the magic sounds of the era. Cherry loves T-Bone Walker, Wynonie Harris, Big Joe Turner and all kinds of mirrors.


1. Baby C'mon Lets Go 
2. Hospital Blues 
3. Crazy Baby 
4. Fat Mama's Daughter 
5. My Baby Calls Me On The Phone 
6. She Loves To Rock 
7. Stop That Train 
8. What If He Steals My Baby 
9. Gorgeous Woman 
10. Loo Le Loo Le Loo 
11. The Party's Going On 
12. She's Going To Ruin Me 
13. Hey Baby

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