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CD - B-Stars - Behind The Barn With...

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The debut album of almost all original tunes that recall a time when Hank Williams and Lefty Frizzell were what was pouring out of the jukeboxes in your favorite honky tonks. Boppin' hillbilly boogie from San Francisco, California.

Genre: Country: Honky Tonk
Release Date: 2010

1. Ink Free Baby Of Mine 3:06
2. Drunk On Whiskey 3:19
3. Duckin' And Dodgin' 3:16
4. Texas Boogie 3:36
5. Left It All Behind 3:33
6. Women And Wine 4:06
7. Pretty Baby 3:39
8. Back Up Buddy 2:51
9. Sweet Little Things 3:00
10. Walking Home Alone 2:49
11. Trouble Free State Of Mine 4:30
12. Broken Down And Blue 3:19

Album Notes
The B-Stars take you on "a musical journey through America's back yard, from Nashville to Memphis and on out to Texas with a steady detour through California thrown into the mythical roadtrip." It's Honky Tonk. It's Hillbilly. It's Country AND Western. Produced by legendary steel guitar player Lee Jeffriess, the vintage sound of the debut LP from this San Francisco combo will have your toes tapping and your fingers snapping. Two cover songs join ten original tracks on this record, featuring steel and electric guitars, acoustic upright bass, acoustic guitar, and drums recorded to analog tape, reckoning back to a time when things were just a little bit more simple. Guest musician Carl Sonny Leyland adds rompin' boogie woogie piano to a number of songs as well.

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