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CD - Alphabet Bombers - Wreckin ball

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1. 3 O'clock 
2. Far From Good 
3. Berserker 
4. Flat Tire 
5. Jane Doe 
6. Lonely Lonely Lonely 
7. Mugshot 
8. One Cup Of Coffee 
9. Wreckless 
10. Shadows On The Wall 
11. Shotgun Pills Knife 
12. Sock Hop Murder

As I Watched From The Depths Of Hell, The Alphabet Bombers, Even During Their Instrumental Evil Of Yesteryear, Quickly Became One Of My Favorite Hell-Raising Rock N' Roll Bands. Even The Big Man Downstairs Was Amazed By How Their Rock Mesmerized Their Fans, Passers-By, And Unsuspecting Virgins. Thus He Sent Me On A Mission To Surface World, A Mission In Which I Would Help The Alphabet Bombers Steal The Souls Of Every Mere Mortal That Came Across With Their Enchanting Noise, And Eventually Every Living Soul. I Knew Very Well That The Only Way I Would Be Able To Accomplish My Master's Diabolical Plan Would Be Taking The Form Of A Mortal And Joining The Alphabet Bombers As A Singer With Such Charisma, Seductive Lyricism, And Venomous Vocals, That No Mere Mortal Could Resist Selling Their Soul To My Liege. Oh, And Just To Let You Know, Your Soul Belongs To My Master Already. Muah-Ha-Ha-Ha!!!

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