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10inch - Kabooms - Right Track Wrong Way

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The Kabooms ps a band based in Barcelona and founded in 2014 with members of several bands recognized in the field of rock and roll 50'S, Matt Olivera to the voice (Matt and The Peabody Ducks) El Lega to the electric guitar (Legacaster, Locos del Oeste) Xavi Carajillo on double bass (Los Torontos, Los Locos del Oeste) Jesús López on drums (Pike Cavalero, The Ragtones) form this combo of sounds surf rock and rock and roll beats late 50's that have walked his wild and full live show energy from festivals and venues around the world such as: Viva Las Vegas, Fuss and Holler (USA), The Rockabilly Rave and Hemsby (UK) Let's Get Wild, Get Rhythm Go Wild (Germany) High Rockabilly and Rockin Race Jamboree (Spain) ) And a long etcetera.

Their new full length "Right Track, Wrong Way" is released under the tutelage of Kathrina-Sleazy Records and promises another discharge of pure energy, fun and quality as the band has us accustomed, the combo goes a step further to meet the tastes of a wider and eclectic audience, but equally demanding.

If you already know them, do not miss their new work or their powerful direct ones, because they will not leave you indifferent, and if you have not heard them yet, you will enjoy discovering them.


Side A
1. Hip Shakin' Bash
2. Headin' South
3. Don't Play With Me
4. Pitch Black
5. Move Along

Side B 
6. Vuelve
7. I Got Some News For You
8. Beep Bop Baby
9. Bigger Fish To Fry
10. Rock Off Night

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