10inch - Blazers - Rockin' Boppin' & Strollin'

10inch - Blazers - Rockin' Boppin' & Strollin'
10_RPRLP 102
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That record produced by a strong French record label bring us a tribute to François Postif and Kurt Mohr, two great men who helped greatly to promote rock and roll and rhythm and blues music in France in the 50?s. If those guys had strong roots in jazz and rhythm and blues, they don?t get along the usual stupid talk about rock and roll. When those Blazers sides were issued in France in 1958, nobody knew who was behind the horns, piano or guitar. You can?t judge by the name, the color or the picture of the band? François Postif found those recordings sent by US Columbia worthy enough to be issued on two 10 inches LPs and Rock Paradise with the help of Rock and Roll Revue is glad to make them available again to a large crowd.

Side 1:
1-Witch Doctor (Bagdasarian) 
2-Don't Let Go (J. Stone) 
3-Raunchy "Plus Jamias" (Justis - Manker) 
4-High Sign (C. Stevens - G. Stone) 
5-The Stroll (Otis -N.Lee (Vocal Frankie Tucker 

Side 2:
1-Johnny B. Goode (C. Berry) 
2-Book Of Love (W. Davis - Malone - C. Patrick) 
3-Rumble (M. Grant - Wray) 
4-I Wonder Why (M. Anderson - R. Weeks)
5-Tequila (Chuck Rio)

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