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Western Shirt - 2-Tone Tan & Brown Floral, bestickt

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Rockmount has been doing embroidery for four generations and this represents the art at its highest form. 
This 2-tone embroidered shirt features scalloped yokes, piping, Smile pockets with embroidered arrows, piping, Shotgun cuffs, and exquisite floral embroidery with detail and color gradation.

Product Details:
100% cotton gabardine twill
Scalloped yokes
Smile pockets and Shotgun cuffs
Relaxed fit
Dry clean only

Care Instructions:
The Rockmount Collection features hundreds of fabrics at any given time, each with their own unique characteristics that can affect fit. We make every effort to reduce shrinkage by using premium fabrics. Some fabrics are pre-shrunk or laundered and others come with 3% shrinkage allowance. 

Machine wash cold without bleach to avoid shrinkage on non-embroidered shirts. 
For best results, tumble dry onlow heat for several minutes. 
We recommend removing the garment from the dryer while it is still slightly dampbefore hanging to dry. 
Please note that dress shirts have removable collar stays. 
We advise dry cleaning all embroideries.

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