Magazin - Hot Rod - 2006 - 12

Magazin - Hot Rod - 2006 - 12
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Determining what was the fastest musclecar in history is virtually impossible. But the Factory Appearing Stock Tire crowd attempts to answer the question by racing their cars with mostly factory parts and on rock-hard, bias-ply tires. We′re talking high 10s and big mph in many cases.

SPECIAL FEATUREHOT ROD'TOP 10. Time once again for our annual opinion of the 10 best vehicles that appeared in the pages of HOT ROD in 2006.
FEATURES: SHE DID IT! Liz Miles can weld, fabricate, wrench, paint, and drive. She proved it on her oft-raced ′68 Camaro. And she'21 and single!
BADDEST GTO: Don Stellhorn totalled his ′64 GTO on a road course, but instead of hanging it up, he rebuilt and is back on track, this time with what is perhaps the most wicked ′64 GTO in the world.
′06 MUSTANG. Paul'High Performance stuffs a blown 5.4L from a Ford GT supercar into a new Mustang and runs 9s.
PRO STREET ROMP. On the road with a pair of tubbed, old-school Fords.
ENGINE COATINGS: We conduct an exhaustive test of internal and external engine coatings to see if they actually make more power.
PUMP-GAS POWER: Steve Morris Racing Engines makes four-digit horsepower on pump gas with big ProChargers and carbs.
SAND & BUFF PAINT: After the paint is sprayed, here'how to make it better.

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