Single - Gorilla Gunmen - Spin The Wheel (unplugged)

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Unplugged - Wild Served Rockabilly Animalistic Rock'n'Roll
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During the last years singer/guitarplayer Armin Billens and doublebass-player Florian Tannert did a lot of gigs as an acustic duo. The reaction was enthusiastic and so they decided to put this specific sound on record. They recorded 5 very own versions of  Gorilla Gunmen songs (4 on vinyl, 1 bonustrack as download). Everything on this recordings is played on pure acustic Instruments. Beside guitar and doublebass a lot of other acustic instruments like banjo, bluesharp oder accordian are featured. No amps, no efx

01. Spin The Wheel
02. Monkey Boogie

01. Bye Bye Paris
02. Bag Full Of Sorrow

Founded in 2010 The Gorilla Gunmen from cologne soon became a constant of the local scene. They serve their very own version of the fifties-sound with a lot of charm and verve ever since. The variation of styles is widely spread. The spectrum varies from classic rockabilly to swing, country, hard rocking classic rock and roll and even a little bit of punk. The ingredients ? Gretsch-guitar, Double-bass and Slap-Echo ? are well known but the boys manage it easily and nearly en passant to get some new facets out of the old sounds. Clever songwriting and surprising twists give the music a fresh flavour. Rockabilly is played in such an enthusiastic way as if it was invented yesterday.  

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