CD - Horst With No Name Orchestra- Black Souls in Blue Jeans

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You must have seen these guys - or at least, if you can not catch them on a show - give them a good round of ... listening...
The two-men orchestra one-man Band from Hamburg. Tight and tough sound mix of Blues, Beat'n'Billy! 
If you dig Hasil Adkins, Bloodshot Bill, go get Horst..

01. Boogie Machine 00:03:05.21
02. Sick'n Tired 00:02:45.57
03. Please Don't Leave Me 00:03:05.73
04. Grandma 00:02:19.17
05. Power Of Blues 00:02:40.17
06. Rock'n'Roll Man 00:02:27.55
07. Lonely 00:03:00.44
08. Black Souls In Blue Jeans 00:01:46.50
09. HoMo II 00:03:16.05
10. Headache Sucks 00:02:40.00
11. Elevator 00:02:41.35
12. Beyond Good And Diesel 00:02:54.16
13. Reeperbahn 00:04:38.66
14. Tomatoman 00:02:46.32

Horsti and Tomato have a common musical past. They have already played together at the Die Spätheimkehrer, Los Fabulous Bill Billys and Helldriver .
"Black Souls in Blue Jeans" is already the fourth Horst With No Name album on Part Records in 5 years - but the first Horst album, which officially appears as an orchestra.

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