CD15 - Supersonic Eskalator

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Get ready for the Supersonic Eskalation!

Energetic as always and loose from the waist they proffer the result of 27 years of band experience, spiced with the desire for something new, unused. Street dirt, collected on thousands of miles on tour - presented with charm, coolness and a corresponding thud!

The Busters on the ska / rock and roll stairs, the Supersonic Eskalator!

01. Supersonic Eskalator 
02. All The Things 
03. Sally & Steve 
04. Brutales 
05. Same Game 
06. Evil Eve 
07. One More Night 
08. When Laurel Was Young 
09. Don's Diner 
10. Hangin' Out With The Boys 
11. The Money 
12. Love & Glory 
13. Back In New York 
14. Stronger 
15. Summernight 

All songs produced by The Busters. All songs recorded by Stephan Keller & Rob Solomon @ Trick Studio, Bop Studio & Solomon Studio. All songs mixed by Stephan Keller. All songs mastered by Immanuel "Malu" Sickmüller, Project management by Markus Schramhauser. Cover illustration & sleeve design by Rolf Rinklin,

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