CD - Hot Rod Gang - All Mixed Up

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1. Once Upon A Time In The West
2. All Mixed Up
3. You?re Gonna Miss Me
4. Hot Dog
5. Hey Bar Tender
6. Harlem Nocturne / Rudy?s Rock
7. Wheel Of Time
8. Very Last Call
9. Real Gone Rocker
10. Long Gone
11. Sweet Love On My Mind
12. Ring Of Fire
13. Lonesome Cowboy
14. Angelina
15. Let?s Get Together
16. Keen On You
17. Since You Came My Way
18. I Want You
19. Son Of A Bitch
20. Get Out

Gus Posset / Lead Vocals, Double Bass
Ted Nester / Guitars, Vocals
Rex Ebersberger / Drums, Vocals

The combo is playing powerfull Rockabilly, dusty Blues and classic Country in their very own style?!! This band is rocking, and for nearly 20 years now, becoming older but on the other hand wilder every day. To say it with the title of the new album: ?OLE ?N? ROCKIN? ??!!'

Not taking care about actual trands, this germany Rockabilly trio is playing in the ?name of Rock & Roll? and this since nearly 20 years now.

Since its foundation in 1984, the band is playing in the classic Rockabilly style with Guitar, Drums and Doublebass. With more than 600 powerfull Live-Gigs all over Europe, the band has become very famous on the continent.

The trio has played small club gigs as well as big festivals, where the combo was playing as Support Act for big acts like the STRAY CATS, DR. FEELGOOD and CANNED HEAT (just to mention a few).

Although the HOT ROD GANG is playing many covers by original artists from the 50?s, the band is not a pure cover band: Over the years they?ve created their very own style regarding heir original songs as well as the mentioned cover versions.

Within the band history, the band has released five complete albums on labels in England and Germany.

With a lot of power and fun, the band is playing a lot of different styles: From hard driving Rockabilly over dusty Blues up to classic Country, playing originals as well as lots of cover versions (from artists like Elvis Presley, Johnny Burnette,etc).

The newest ?project? of the german guys is the ?Original Elvis Show?, where the combo is backing up Mr. NUMBER NINE himself Paul Ansell. The show so far has rocked England and Geramyn ? with big success....!!

Although he guys are getting older everyday, they are wilder than ever. To say it with the title of the new CD ....? OLE ?N? ROCKIN? ??.or should we better say ? OLE BUT ROCKIN? ?.....?!

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